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Are you thinking of applying for a loan of any type in Canada? You must first make sure that your credit rating is accurate.

Undoubtedly the credit has a significant importance in Canada as it will be the first place that a hypothetical lender will look to evaluate whether or not you will be a potential customer and the type and amount of credit you may be eligible to receive.

Your credit rating is an evaluation of your ability to take care of your financial burden of credit at a particular time.

Also the credit score is dynamic, as it will become different as your financial conditions change: every time you apply for or receive credit, and every time you make or don't make a payment on time, you are building your credit history.

So, before you begin the loan application process, it's important to establish and maintain the highest rating possible.

With a good credit rating, most applications or requests can be processed completely over the phone or the Internet and you'll be able to get your credit without any complications and with the best conditions of the financial market.

On the contrary, a poor credit rating means more complex applications, longer process and harder conditions, or even no loan.
It's a great idea to check your credit report from the Canadian best agencies before to apply for a loan, even if you are sure that your credit history is impeccable.
In fact many credit files contain impreciseness as a result of simple human errors or technical problems, which could affect your credit rating!

Also, checking your credit report, you could find out some frauds connected to the identity thefts, as these type of frauds are perpetrate in order to access resources or obtain credit and other benefits in your name.
Ensuring on time that all of the information in your credit file is up-to-date and accurate gives you time to dispute any items that may be the result of errors, anomalies or frauds.

Some problems in your credit report can raise from your unused credit.
If you own credit cards, that you only sporadically use, is convenient to close the credit account as some lenders can see your revolving debt as a negative fact reviewing your loan applications.
It's also important to know that, if your credit is good, a couple of late payments are not such an awful circumstance, but if you are a bad customer you should make a solid effort to get those payments in on time, every time.
In addition, remember that each time you ask for a credit an inquiry notation is added to your file.

So, if it's true that lenders can understand that some blocks of inquiries will be as a result of shopping around for the best rates on a loan, it's better don't search regularly for loan if you are not really interested in taking advantage of one of them.


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